Despite what you might think, people are making subtle judgments about your company when they first walk in. They can tell you care about your career based on how you speak and dress, but one area you may not consider is your office layout. Your office is an extension of your business mindset, and some employees will walk from something that doesn’t fit their career vision.

What Your Priorities Are

Everything from your décor to your whiteboard should be instinctively inspected before a potential employee steps through the door. An office that is incredibly cluttered and gross may show that you don’t necessarily value professionalism. What you choose to take notes on can also show what you value as a company.


For instance, do you only talk about numbers, or do you talk about customers? While a simple word change, it can illustrate the difference between making a quick buck and making a loyal client happy. Think about your priorities and make sure they are in line with professional standards.

What Your Company Culture Is

Another way you can show your future employees why your company is great is by showing evidence of a healthy work environment. Things like open layout, good flow, and attractive décor are all good signs for a company to have. Additionally, the way you speak to your coworkers can illustrate where your heart is at.


New employees want to be a part of a company that respects everyone. Because they will be with you for so long, developing a healthy relationship with them is paramount. If this is a hard thing for you to practice, you better start developing better cooperative habits.

Your Professionality

For certain jobs, there is a certain level of professional behavior that should be met. Accounting firms, management positions, law offices, and plenty of other places in the career world require some sort of high standards to meet. Your job should be no exception. While you might not be one of these “traditional businesses” you still should hold to standards that people can respect.

Cleanliness is a minimum standard for most companies—especially for new employees. Nobody wants to work on a disgusting desk with a musty smell. Treat your employees right, and new employees will be happy to work with you.


That’s all there is to it! If you want the best employees, you are going to need to provide the best environment for them to work. It really is that simple, and once you accomplish it, you can feel more confident in your company’s future.

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