Social media is becoming one of the most popular ways for sales managers to find their perfect new recruits. Scroll down to learn about three of the top social media sites that you should be using to research your candidates.


As the largest social networking platform in the world, Facebook is a fantastic tool that you should use to research potential candidates for your team. Searching for job candidates through Facebook will tap you into a diverse, worldwide network full of people from all different races, ethnicities, backgrounds, genders, and abilities. Facebook is also useful because it has built-in location and interest tags, which can help you find candidates in your area that will be a good fit with your company personality.


While Facebook will help you get to know the personal side of your candidates, LinkedIn will help you get to know their professional side. LinkedIn is also helpful in showing the connections between candidates and their prior workplaces. This feature can help you find employees already in your network that would be a fit in with your company culture.

Look for candidate profiles that are full and complete, that have professional profile pictures, and show the candidate’s unique abilities and experiences. A quality profile will easily give you a feel for the personal brand of a potential employee. Profiles such as these show that the candidates are invested in their career and take initiative for their personal journeys.


Like Facebook, Instagram will show you more of the personal side of your candidates. Instagram, however, is unique in that it is an entirely visual platform. Instagram users will post only images and videos with their audience.  Researching your candidates’ Instagram profiles will help you get a feel for their personal brand, as well as their creative talent, visual aesthetic, and social media ability. These skills will be particularly useful for jobs that require creativity or content creation.

Researching potential candidates through Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram will help you better find qualified candidates with professional online personas. You can use these tools to effectively see what others are posting about your potential candidates. You can see if your candidate has posted inappropriate content, or if they have a personal brand that will fit with your company. Tap into the power of social media to find the next perfect candidate for your company.

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