When potential new employees are evaluating job offers to determine the best fit for them, there are several different criteria that they will look at. First and foremost, they will look at things like potential for upward advancement, location, and salary as key determiners. But after that it can be challenging for employers to figure out what exactly they can offer to their employees to make their jobs the most desirable. Here are the three most sought-after workplace benefits that you should be offering your employees.

Paid Time Off

The first sought-after workplace benefit that you should consider offering your employees is paid time off, or PTO. Paid time, also known as vacation time, is time that your employees can take off of work without their pay being docked or decreased. The more paid time off an employee has, the more time they have for vacation, holidays, family, and their own interests. The best thing is offering your employees more generous PTO usually doesn’t impact productivity, or if it does, it offers a boost rather than a detriment.

Insurance Benefits

Another crucial sought-after workplace benefit that you should consider offering to your employees is insurance benefits. Most people who are employed get their insurance through their employer. But beyond the basics like health insurance, dental, and vision, you should be offering other types of insurance too, like disability insurance. A quarter of adults become disabled before they hit retirement. With a disability insurance policy, your employees can rest easily knowing that they and their families are protected should they succumb to an injury or illness that limits their ability to make a living. If your business doesn’t already offer disability insurance or other types of insurance, like life insurance, you should consider making them an option in your benefits package.

Remote Work

The final sought after workplace benefit that you should seriously consider offering to your employees is remote work. The pandemic showed businesses around the globe that much of their work can get done perfectly well from home. If you can offer your employees remote work, or partially remote work, this can be a huge benefit. Consider how often you really need every employee in the office, if at all, and update your benefits package to reflect that newfound flexibility.

Getting the best employees to work for your business is a challenge. Which is why it is important to offer employees benefits that they actually want. Your business should offer these three sought-after benefits to increase interest in your job offerings.

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