The digital era has transformed recruitment. For this reason, many companies, if not all, must adopt new strategies of thinking, skills, and technologies to solve the biggest recruitment challenges. By investing in long-term employer branding, you can increase your future candidates’ quantity and even quality. As a result, it’s crucial to learn The Biggest Challenges in Recruitment today! Enumerated below are just some of the challenges that you will face in recruitment nowadays.

The Biggest Challenges in Recruitment

1. Making your Job Candidates a Fan 

Imagine yourself passionately falling in love without really knowing how the other person feels about you. So you put yourself out there, pouring your heart out and desperately waiting for an answer. But then, it never comes. Too many times, candidates are left in the dark. Resulting in disappointment, insecurities, and a lack of information add up and create a wave of aggression —and yes, it is going to hit your company.

2. Poor Candidate Experience has a Direct Impact on Your Revenue.

Did you know that a poor candidate experience has a direct impact on your revenue? For example, Virgin Media discovered that 6% of job candidates canceled their Virgin subscription because of the interview process.

It may not sound like much, but it still ended up costing the company $5 million annually, not to mention the loss of revenue from the candidates’ families, friends, or social media followers.

In conclusion, this truly means that candidate experience belongs among the biggest challenges in recruitment!

3. Treat Your Candidates as Leads

If companies treated their candidates with the same dedication as their customers, the candidate experience would be a finished discussion. However, that is not the case.

Here is what can be learned from inbound marketing and used in modern recruitment.

4. Never Take a Candidate for Granted

The deal is not closed until the papers are signed. In other words, ensure you nurture your lead by motivating them with regular communication and providing them with enough information about why they should choose you.

5. Expect Your Candidates Have Multiple Offers

This mindset helps you keep them in a tight loop and make sure they are not left in the dark at any stage. The best candidates move quickly, and so should you. Therefore, you need to manage your recruitment time efficiently and automate processes to release time to connect with your lead.

6. Reward Your Candidates

Whatever business you are in, remember that your candidate could be your next customer if you just encouraged them a little. Try rewarding them with a voucher or a gift to say how much you appreciate their time and interest. It can be as simple as a postcard sent via traditional mail.

7. Handle Feedback Immediately

If you happen to get bad feedback, handle it immediately. Ignoring bad candidate experiences will cause it to accumulate because the spurned candidate is likely to shame your business all over social media.

8. Give and Collect Feedback

Recruitment should be a two-way street. Aim to both give and collect feedback at every stage and show your humanity.

Giving feedback does not have to be time-consuming when you’re using the right tools. They’ll automatically transform your clicks into natural language.

9. Ensure No Relevant Candidate is Overlooked

Even the most experienced recruiters have blind spots when it comes to objective candidate evaluation. We are all human. The first step is acknowledging the bias. After that, the next is to take concrete actions towards ensuring more diversity and finding talent outside your standard process.

There are more relevant candidates out there than you might think. Rethink what suitable candidates might look like or where they could be found.

What is Social Recruiting?

Social selling has transformed the recruitment game. Therefore, companies are no longer just sitting back and expecting the applications to flow in but actively reaching out and putting themselves out there. There are more relevant candidates out there than you realize. In conclusion, you need to rethink your determination and actively start multiplying your chances.

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