There are few things that matter more for someone’s prospects of employment than their performance at the job interview. After all, it’s when a person meets their prospective employer for the first time. This is the candidate’s chance to make a case for themselves by impressing the interviewer with their intellect, ability and interpersonal skills. However, people often get nervous and make mistakes. Some of these errors might make you wonder just how stringently you should judge someone based on a first impression.

Late for an Interview

Miscalculations do happen, but it goes without saying that being late is one of the worst things a person can do when interviewing for a new position. There are plenty of ways to avoid this mistake, including scouting out the location beforehand or arriving very, very early for the interview. If someone is late, they should absolutely call ahead and apologize for the error. Furthermore, they should be able to offer a good reason for their failure to arrive on time.

Measure of Respect

Being late for a job interview is a problem, but not necessarily a fatal one. Failure to show proper respect, however, should end any chances of getting a position. Proper respect for a potential employer and the opportunity being offered is expressed in various ways. For example, applicants should always be dressed appropriately for the occasion. Men should wear a suit, and women should wear some sort of formal attire. Lawyers advise that formal dress indicates you’re taking the matter seriously. Furthermore, applicants should be polite, friendly and deferential to the interviewers. Showing respect or failing to do so is indicative of how they will behave on the job.

Adequate Preparation

Job interviewers almost always have plenty of candidates to choose from, and the vast majority of the time, the candidate who gets the job will be the one who is the most prepared. This means that time was taken to research the company and the position.

Remember, someone who is interviewing for a job should absolutely be putting their best foot forward. Nerves are one thing, but a failure to do basic research about the position they hope to obtain is another matter entirely.

At its core, awkward behavior is usually forgivable. When people get nervous, they make silly missteps, and those missteps shouldn’t disqualify an otherwise sterling candidate. However, failure to show proper respect, take an interview seriously or engage in adequate preparation is indicative of more serious character flaws. Everyone makes mistakes, but whether or not you should judge an applicant for those errors depends on just how serious those errors are.

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