No matter how young your company is, if you have the right people on board, you can take on any competitors. But how valuable are your top-performing employees? Studies have concluded that one top performer can provide a company with the same amount of productivity that four average employees produce combined. However, this just means that you have more of a responsibility to make sure that you are providing them a reason to stay. The following includes three ways you can make sure your top-performers don’t jump ship.

Offer Additional Benefits

Your top-performers know they can go work anywhere they want, and positive company culture isn’t going to be enough to keep them there. Therefore, one of the best ways to make sure you retain your talent is to offer additional benefits beyond their normal health plans. There are a number of employee wellness program ideas you can try to help employees stay satisfied and in shape. As you may know, mental health has quickly risen as a top focal point for companies. You may offer counseling services to your employees as well as physical health benefits such as free gym memberships.

Challenge Them

If you’ve done everything you can to keep your talent comfortable both financially and within the workplace, your issue might go deeper than that. One of the least known reasons why talent tends to leave is because they are simply not being challenged enough. They are top-performers for a reason, and constantly giving them easy work can be draining to their drive. The best thing to do in this situation is to speak to them. Hear out their concerns and passions in order to come up with tasks that are motivating and challenging for them.


This might sound a little scary, especially for smaller companies. However, offering to share revenue is one of the best routes to take when talent has proven themselves time after time. Sometimes, recognition isn’t enough, and you will need to implement this strategy. You may do this by offering stock options or paying them in commission along with their normal salary, or an increase in their 401k.

When it comes to choosing where they work, top-talented workers have a choice. This is why it is so important to adhere to the tips listed above, so you won’t see your top-talents disappearing from your workforce.

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