One of the benefits of having all your employees under one roof is that it is easy to keep tabs on them. However, if your employees need to travel or are under quarantine, it can be hard to make sure they are using their time wisely. In order to make sure that your employees aren’t wasting company time and money, there are several things that you should be doing.

Set Deadlines

Setting a deadline is the best way to keep someone accountable and on track. However, an effective deadline requires more than selecting a date. The deadline needs to be short enough that it requires a sense of urgency, but long enough that there is room for minor setbacks. You may be tempted to just set the deadlines yourself, but this can cause problems. If the task is one that you are unfamiliar with, you may end up stressing your employees by demanding too much.

A better way is to consult with your employees. Ask them how much time they need and why. You should discuss appropriate penalties with employees so that they know the consequences of not meeting the deadline. This method will demonstrate that you trust your employees which will help you gain their loyalty.

Regularly Check In With Them

Once you have deadlines set, you shouldn’t just leave employees to themselves until the deadline has arrived. Schedule regular status updates with each employee. During these calls, discuss progress that has been made and congratulate them for their efforts. If any difficulties have come up, discuss solutions and potential modifications to the timetable.

These calls should probably occur at least once a week. If you want to be even more effective and teach employee responsibility, ask that your employees be the ones to initiate the call at the scheduled time. These check-ins can seem ineffective if you are not prepared. To make sure that you are up to date, ask employees to send you a progress update the day before the call.

Hold Training Meetings

Although many time management skills may seem obvious to you, they may not be obvious to others. Remember, as a business owner or manager, you have had years of experience in time management that your employees have not had. Your employees could benefit greatly from your expertise. Hold regular training meetings where you discuss company policies and ideal practices for those that are working remotely.

Working remotely can be a wonderful thing for employees. They have the freedom to do many things that they can’t do while in the office. As the boss, it’s your job to help them understand that they can be just as effective at their work at home as they are in the office. They need to know that great things are still expected of them.

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