When you’re ready to hire, you don’t want to wade through mountains of résumés or deal with calls from unqualified applicants. You need to find employees who will have the skills and experience needed to contribute to your business. To find the best employees, narrow your search by applying a few strategies.

Know Where to Look

Using job boards can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. The huge number of job seekers can be overwhelming. Moreover, many job boards are focused on entry-level positions. If you need more qualified employees or people with specialized skills, a job board may not be the right tool.

At the same time, there are job boards specialized for specific industries and career fields. These might be a better option. LinkedIn is also a good option because people’s profiles usually include their résumés. Finally, networking at professional events and referrals are often fruitful.

Avoid Common Interview Errors

Employers should prepare for job interviews just as much as applicants should. You should have a clear idea of what questions to ask before the interview begins. You should make a list of possible questions ahead of time, but as the interview proceeds, don’t be hesitant to deviate from the list to follow up.

 Asking the candidate to tell you about specific incidents in their career can help you assess their experience and their “soft skills.” For example, you might ask, “Tell me about a time that you solved a problem at work.” Open-ended questions like this give you a rounded view of the applicant.

Use Technology

Technology can’t tell you everything about the applicants, but it can help you decide on your “short list.” Many job boards allow you to set filters or screen applicants by entering specific keywords. This eliminates unqualified or suitable candidates before the hiring process goes any further.

Using video for interviewing also saves you time and lets the best employees rise to the top. Many companies are asking applicants to do pre-recorded videos in which they respond to select questions. Use live video conferencing for those that make the cut.

Finding the best employees can be easier if you apply some tried-and-true methods of finding and evaluating the right candidates. Once you’re ready to make the offer, you can be confident that you’ve chosen an employee that will help you achieve your company’s goals.

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