Every good business needs a strong team of employees who can help you to continue expanding and meeting the needs of your customers. And it’s not just about hiring enough people, it is also important that you hire the right people for each job. The best way to make the right hires is to make sure that you know enough about them. Here are a few important ways to get to know your hires a little better.

Contact Their References

When you ask for references for potential employees, you gain access to a lot of information. By reaching out and actually contacting them you can learn about how they interact with others and how successful they have been in previous jobs. You don’t want to miss out on all the important information you can glean from their references. Make sure you are prepared with questions when you call so you can guide the conversation in the right direction.

Look on Social Media

You can also learn more about potential hires by looking at their social media accounts. In fact, about half of employers look into social media accounts of job candidates. When you take the time to look into their social media, you can learn about their personal life a little more and gain insight into how they like to work and relax. This information can be invaluable about a new hire because it can help you to determine whether they are the best possible fit for the team you are building.

Ask the Right Questions in the Interview

When you are interviewing a potential new hire, it is important that you ask them questions that allow you to understand them as a person and an employee. Avoid asking yes or no questions that are unlikely to yield a lot of information. The questions you ask and the way you ask them will be essential to learning more about your potential employee. Take time to come up with fruitful questions and then be flexible in the interview so you have room to ask follow up questions when needed.

Your business depends on you finding a great team that can work together well. And when you know your hires, you will have a much better chance to make that happen. Start learning more about hires now so you can build the team your business needs.

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