People throughout the country have gotten used to working remotely from home, zooming in from their computers, and wearing sweatpants every single day. But time for remote work has ended and businesses everywhere are starting to bring workers back into the office, with mixed results. What many businesses are finding is that office amenities have become crucial to keeping employee morale high and decreasing pushback to returns to in-person work. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to add more fun factor to your office space to make it a more enjoyable place for your employees.

Add Entertainment

The first thing that you should do to add more fun factor to your office space is to add some entertainment features to your office space. Every now and again, people need to take a quick break from work to refocus their energy and reset. You should have fun and engaging ways for your employees to take breaks throughout the office. Consider adding entertainment options to the break area like televisions, pinball, arcade games, or other entertainment features. Entertainment features should be your first consideration for increasing the fun in your office space.

Make it Colorful

Another important step to take to increase the fun factor at your office space is to make it more colorful. White walls, white ceilings, and unadorned windows are the most boring décor to offer your employees at work. You should do your best to bring some color to your office space, whether by painting or by putting up some artwork on the walls. Murals on a wall can make art more accessible. You should consider hiring a local artist to paint a creative and locally inspired mural for your workplace to bring in more fun elements.

Eliminate Dress Codes

The final thing that you can do to add more fun factor to your office space is to get rid of your dress codes at work. Dress codes only serve to make your employees feel like they have less control over their workplace. While you can certainly recommend for meetings and other special occasions that your employees dress to a code, requiring formal attire every day is a surefire way to make your employees bored.

A fun office space is critical for getting the most from your employees. Getting a fun workplace, however, requires a bit of work. Make these three changes to your office space and see how the fun factor multiplies.

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