What’s the Difference Between a Staffing Company and a Recruiting Company?

Staffing companies provide their customers with the basic service of finding employees on a temporary basis while recruiting companies specialize in finding high quality candidates for permanent positions. Both services have proven to be quite useful in a variety of industries, but the healthcare industry in particular has demonstrated to be one of the key beneficiaries of these services. There are many important differences between these businesses which you should be aware of prior to starting the search for your next top-performing employee.

How Staffing Agencies Help

First of all, staffing agencies are primarily dedicated to meeting the day to day needs of businesses. If a business requires a low-level employee for the day, then they can contact a staffing agency to fulfill their requirements. These agencies typically have thousands of qualified recruits on-call and ready to go at a moment’s notice. This makes these services well-suited for all types of businesses since they allow for them to continue functioning normally even when facing a worker shortage.

Nonetheless these services are not capable of satisfying all of the requirements of every business. Many companies within the healthcare industry for instance require the use of highly skilled and experienced staff members who are deeply familiar with the various activities they perform. It is this additional skill and experience of a typical healthcare employee that makes them especially difficult to replace. Furthermore, companies that require a permanent placement must hire a new full-time employee rather than take on a worker from a temp agency.

Why Recruiting Agencies are Superior

Companies in this position generally require the services of a well-informed recruiter who is in direct contact with numerous highly skilled workers within the medical industry. Staffing agencies are generally unable to fill roles requiring a certain technical expertise, because they oftentimes only work with individuals that are seeking a temporary placement within an organization. A recruiter on the other hand spends all of their time hunting down the most talented individuals within their fields. They also build relationships with these individuals to ensure they will provide their future employers with a tremendous amount of value too.

It is this painstaking process which recruiters perform on behalf of their customers that makes their services so valuable. It can be remarkably expensive for a company to seek out new employees. Not only does the process of searching for new employees take away from their primary business activities, but it also requires the investment of substantial resources to find them. For this reason, modern companies are now electing to evade the expenses associated with acquiring new employees directly by having recruiters perform this essential function for them.

Recruiters also provide businesses with a series of advantageous cost-savings. For instance, a recruiter may be able to significantly reduce the amount of time it takes for a company to find a qualified employee. Since these professionals remain in constant contact with thousands of qualified candidates year-round, they are able to quickly identify potential candidates that are suitable for just about any role within a company. Even executive positions may be filled by a recruiter which helps businesses grow without distracting them from their core business activities.

A recruiter’s services can nonetheless be quite similar to a typical employment agency since they connect companies with recruits, but the purpose of a recruiter usually differs significantly. An employment agency only needs to find warm bodies who can fill inconsequential roles. Conversely, recruiters specialize in tracking down the most skilled individuals within their industries who can provide long-term benefits to their partner organizations by becoming their top-performing employees.

This is particularly true of specific positions within the medical industry, such as administrative roles and jobs which require advanced technical skills. Companies operating within the medical industry oftentimes demand that their employees have extensive experience in the medical industry. Naturally, this makes it very difficult for companies operating within this industry to find top-notch employees looking for a permanent position.

Recruiting agencies have proven to be quite adept at filling positions such as these, because they spend all of their time amassing data about skilled individuals within the workforce. Some recruiters even specialize in finding top talent within the medical industry. This gives them direct access to a long list of candidates that possess the sales and technical expertise needed to fill most administrative roles within the medical industry today.

Why Use a Recruiter Instead of an Employment Agency?

  • Recruiters are more adept at tracking down highly skilled employees. This means they will provide you with much higher quality candidates that are able to perform their roles more effectively.
  • Recruiters specialize in finding long-term placements. Their candidates are specifically chosen based on their extensive skill and experience which makes them perfect for building a team of reliable and dedicated employees.
  • Recruiters guarantee the quality of their placements. In this way, you can be certain that the candidates recommended by a knowledgeable recruiting agency will be of the highest quality possible.
  • Recruiting agencies are particularly adept at filling positions that require highly specialized skills. Therefore, their services should be used whenever you need to fill a position for which it is unusually difficult to find a qualified candidate, such as roles involving medical device sales and administrative roles requiring specialized skills.