It can be easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle of the office. With nonstop meetings and approaching deadlines, sometimes employees get lost in the shuffle. Despite this, a key aspect of any successful business is to have happy employees. According to a study published in “Wellbeing: The Five Essential Elements,” employees that like their jobs are twice as likely to be flourishing in their lives overall. Happier employees tend to be more productive and use less sick time, which benefits your company’s bottom line. This shows that engaging with your employees is worth more than just a mood boost. 

Here are some ways you can boost morale in your office: 

Be Transparent 

The phrase “honesty is the best policy” exists for a reason. Applying this mindset to your work environment and being transparent with employees is an easy way to have every person on the same page. Letting company employees in on customer feedback, annual revenue, and sales strategies can lead to not only a successful team, but also a successful company. Inc. Magazine asked Build 100 companies what they believe leads to long-term success, and 82% agreed that sharing profits with employees is a key element. Additionally, 86% of these companies stated that transparency is crucial for the continual growth of a company. 

Communicate Frequently 

Hand in hand with transparency, employers can boost team morale by frequently communicating. Personally connecting with each of your employees strengthens your working relationship, and creates an open outlet for feedback on both sides. Some simple ways to incorporate consistent communication include: 

Establishing roles and tasks for each team project

When everyone’s roles are clear, employees contribute to team goals and feel a sense of achievement and purpose. 

Arranging weekly touchpoint meetings

By hosting discussions of weekly progress, employees grow to feel more comfortable asking questions and find success in their roles. 

Hosting team building activities

Organizing a seasonal team retreat allows coworkers to work together to achieve common goals, which can strengthen communication and productivity in the office. 

Accept Employee Feedback 

It is imperative that employers give constructive feedback on how employees are performing, and ways they can improve. As employees, it is impossible to know if something is wrong unless we are informed. Sending out periodic surveys is a great way to assess how employees are performing, and how comfortable they feel in their given roles. Similarly, sharing collected feedback on current projects is a great way to show that every voice is valued when conquering team goals. 

Some common types of company surveys include: 

Employee Engagement Survey

These surveys measure not only how valued employees feel in their work, but also assess how dedicated employees are to your mission and company. 

Employee Experience Survey

These surveys give you a snapshot of an employee’s time in the company. From candidate experience surveys to exit interviews, companies gain insight on turnover rates and how to retain employees for years to come. 

Employee Effectiveness Survey

These surveys are intended to collect honest feedback that companies can then apply to future goals and developments. They can also assist in providing plans for employees to help their work be more effective. 

Give Positive Recognition 

When an employee does something well, whether it is completing a successful email marketing campaign or creating a buzz online from their latest design, acknowledge it. Show them your appreciation and congratulate them on the success. It can be as easy as sending a quick email or thanking them as you cross paths in the hallway. Employees want to know that their work is valued, and they deserve credit for the hard work they put into your company. There is no better way to boost employee morale than to show them that the company recognizes their efforts and fully supports them.  

Use some of these tips to boost the morale in your office, and stay tuned for more next week. 

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